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Fire protection for Marine

We offer unrivalled expertise for fire protecting your ship, with experience from thousands of marine projects for various ship types. Fire protection at sea is especially demanding, with many requirements in place to ensure maritime operations remain safe from fire. The Marioff HI-FOG® high-pressure water mist system has been proven in full-scale fire tests to meet those requirements.

Today HI-FOG protects most passenger cruise ships in the world. Through extensive research and development, as well as rigorous testing, we offer a wide range of applications, from luxury yachts, cruise ships and passenger ferries to supply vessels and offshore applications.

Ship types we protect

HI-FOG benefits for shipyards:

  • Single supplier for fire protection solutions in all spaces on board the vessel
  • Turn-key project management
  • Support throughout project execution, from the very early concept designs to ship deliver
  • Fire protection during vessel construction

HI-FOG benefits for ship owners:

  • Minimal damage due to the fast activation and the small amount of water used
  • Single system to maintain
  • Rigid, high-quality components
  • Dedicated support for the fire protection system during the entire lifetime of your vessel
  • Modular system design allows easy system extensions
  • Sustainable and environmentally safe solution
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