The Marioff HI-FOG® high-pressure water mist system has numerous benefits compared to a traditional sprinkler system due to more efficient water usage and smaller water droplet size:

  • Significantly less water used
  • Superior cooling capability due to water mist evaporation
  • Fewer sprinklers activated in the case of a fire
  • Smaller water supply needed
  • Smaller pipe sizes
  • Lighter weight (see marine applications)
  • Easy to expand and modify (see data centers)
  • Suitable for diverse and challenging locations (see high-rise buildings)
  • Can be used to fight liquid fires (see industrial applications)
Low-pressure sprinkler systems use more water

Traditional sprinklers discharge massive amounts of water during fires. Unlike water mist, the large water droplets from traditional sprinklers can cause remarkable water damage to the protected space and equipment.

What’s more, traditional sprinkler systems often require more sprinklers to be activated in the case of a fire. The large droplets generated by the traditional sprinklers are not able to cool down the hot combustion gases and radiant heat in the most efficient manner, so more water and sprinklers are needed.

Because traditional low-pressure sprinkler systems require plenty of water, the bulky systems can occupy a big portion of your space – space that you could make use of. Large water tanks and tubing also require sturdy foundations and regular maintenance.

Even though water is the oldest, most widely used, and most available fire extinguishing agent, it makes a difference how the water is utilized. HI-FOG high-pressure water mist systems take advantage of all the best qualities of water – such as being safe for people and environmentally sustainable – and turn it into an effective choice for fire protection.