Full-scale fire testing is necessary to evaluate the performance of different water mist systems. Water mist systems are granted type approvals only if they pass the fire test. Therefore, fire testing and type approvals are interlinked: each type approval is linked to a specific set of fire tests.

Fire testing is application-specific, and it considers all the important water mist system installation parameters:

  • Sprinkler or spray head type
  • Sprinkler or spray head spacing
  • Flow rate and operating pressure
  • Maximum ceiling height
  • Maximum volume of the protected space
The benefits of type approvals

Standardized fire testing is based on representative and repeatable fire test scenarios, and all fire protection systems must meet the same performance criteria. Therefore, land and marine type approvals guarantee that the water mist systems have been impartially tested for specific applications.

Hence, type approvals are accurate and trustworthy representations of the performance of water mist systems. When water mist systems are evaluated against unified criteria, it is also possible to reliably compare them and make the right choice for you.