The unique fire hazards in the food industry presented by industrial oil cookers, high temperatures and flammable oils require a tested and effective fire suppression system. The Marioff HI-FOG® water mist fire suppression system brings industrial fryer fires under control quickly and easily, without contaminating the oil or the food, and gives peace of mind to your operations.

After completing a series of fire tests, Marioff’s HI-FOG system, utilizing an electric-powered pump, is FM approved for the protection of industrial cookers. The FM approved HI-FOG system is scalable and adaptable for a large range of oil cookers.

HI-FOG typically provides fire protection for:

  • Oil cookers
  • Fines boxes
  • Takeout conveyors
  • Vertical exhaust ducts
Clean water mist cools the burning oil

The high-pressure system components are food grade and use small amounts of clean, potable water to suppress fire with a fine water mist discharge. The water mist penetrates the fire, blocks radiant heat and cools the oil below its auto-ignition temperature. This facilitates a quick return to normal business operations.

A water mist system for industrial ovens

The cooling capabilities of the HI-FOG system makes it an ideal technology to protect your industrial conveyor ovens, which are another major fire hazard in the food industry. The fire protection systems for industrial ovens are configured to protect the spaces above and below the conveyor.

As with oil cookers, the primary goal is to effectively mitigate fire and smoke damage. Water mist fire protection systems also create significantly less water damage than other conventional sprinkler systems

Easy to install fire protection

Compact and light weight, the HI-FOG water mist fire protection system requires little space for installation.

HI-FOG systems for the food industry can have a wide variety of configurations based on project-specific requirements. A single electric pump unit can protect multiple fryers. As a result, the system can easily be modified to cover new fryers and adapt to floor plan changes as your business grows.

The HI-FOG system for industrial fryers has specially selected components that comply with the food industry standards; the piping components are AISI 316 stainless steel with food grade seals.

Pouring water on burning oil or fuel can spread the fire, because oil floats on water. Due to the significantly smaller droplet sizes, and the amount of steam dispersion, the risk of overflow is low with water mist.

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