Hospital fire response times are challenged by limited resident mobility. To best protect residents and staff in the event of fire, hospitals need an active fire protection system. The solution needs to cover several departments, and in some cases operate independently from the property’s electricity while contending with a limited water supply.

HI-FOG® is a proven fire protection solution that efficiently and effectively protects hospital buildings while posing no risk to patients or personnel. The system’s compactness and flexibility also mean the HI-FOG solution is well-suited to healthcare facilities, and the system’s water efficiency minimizes water damage to critical equipment, such surgery tools and NMR devices.

With its narrow tubing, the HI-FOG solution is ideal when retrofitting or refurbishing an existing hospital. The HI-FOG system is also highly flexible and supports many types of configurations, making it easy to implement in new, modern hospital spaces.

HI-FOG systems can grow as the hospital’s capacity expands, without the need for new investments in pumping equipment. This is a great advantage given the rise of modular hospitals. This also keeps the total size of the system low, meaning more free space in your hospital.

HI-FOG is a high-pressure water mist system and requires only a small amount of clean water  to provide excellent fire safety. With very little water to clean up after activation, downtime is kept to a minimum and people are inconvenienced as little as possible.

Tested for a variety of spaces HI-FOG can protect:

  • Patient rooms
  • Operating rooms, imaging centers, ICUs
  • Offices
  • Staff facilities
  • Lobbies and corridors
  • Canteens
  • Kitchen, ducts
  • Technical spaces, storage rooms, laundry facilities, IT rooms
  • Car parks

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