• Marioff Launches BluEdge Service Platform

    Get familiar with the best-in-class service and aftermarket offering for our customers.

  • How to Fire Protect a Data Center?

    Better planning means better fire protection in your data center. Read a free 10-step guide to help you in planning a reliable fire suppression system.

  • Fire protection for energy and industry

    Watch how Marioff's HI-FOG® water mist provides fire protection for power plants and heavy industry.

  • Warsaw Spire

    Warsaw Spire is a unique office complex, whose 220 –meter high main tower ranks the 14th tallest building in Europe! Provision of an automatic fire protection system with rapid response time and efficient cooling characteristics were at the core of the fire safety strategy.

  • Aviapolis Railway Station

    HI-FOG® protects the new underground railway station in Vantaa, Finland. Starting 2015, a commuter train links the Aviapolis area to the airport and the center of Helsinki. Photo © Tommi Tanttu

HI-FOG® Fire Protection

HI-FOG® is an innovative water mist fire protection system developed by Marioff Corporation, a Carrier company.

Why HI-FOG Fire Protection