It’s the Marioff HI-FOG® system that ultimately keeps the vessel safe in case of fire — but it is your crew that can ensure the continuous efficiency and reliability of the system. Crew training is needed to protect the people and property on board.

Safety does not allow for compromises. The right combination of top-quality components and skills guarantee optimal firefighting system performance. Because safety systems are rarely needed, using them may not be routine. At the same time, in the case of an emergency, it is vital to act fast and use the firefighting system properly.

Our HI-FOG crew training will cultivate the skills your crew needs to maintain smooth and safe day-to-day operation of your HI-FOG system and enhance its utilization in fire and emergency situations. We will work closely with you to establish a strong knowledge base for your crew and familiarize them with the HI-FOG system on board. As a result, crew training ensures:

  • Improved fire risk control
  • Minimized fire damage
  • Enhanced crew awareness of HI-FOG system maintenance needs
  • Crew’s ability to independently perform basic system tests
Tailor your training

No two ships are completely alike. Because we conduct the marine firefighting system training on board your ship, we can go through all the specific details of your HI-FOG system. Our qualified trainers will come on board when it suits your operational schedule. All our programs have been developed in accordance with best practices and are run by experienced and certified Marioff training engineers.

To make to most of our training, we:

  • Carry out training over repeated visits to cover the entire crew rotation
  • Break one visit into multiple sessions to cover the whole watch rotation
  • Plan participation of crew members according to the vessel’s safety manual
  • Grant participants personal HI-FOG end user training certificates
  • Track participation in the operator’s own personnel system and Marioff’s training platform

All HI-FOG crew training is split between classroom theory and hands-on practice on board. We arrange personalized training sessions for each crew category, making sure every crew member has the necessary knowledge and skills to operate the part of the system relevant to them.

With such large-scale, clearly structured system training, your crew will become familiar with every aspect of the HI-FOG system, ensuring top performance. Find out more and schedule your training by contacting us.

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