You focus on running your business — we’ll help keep it safe. Our dedicated marine aftersales team takes care of your critical HI-FOG firefighting system by providing marine maintenance and repair services throughout the lifetime of your vessel.

Our BluEdge lifecycle services blend seamlessly into your business operations. We are your global partner and engaged in supporting you in a rapidly changing environment.

The BluEdge tiered service platform is our best-in-class service and aftermarket offering for your HI-FOG firefighting system.

Just as any appliance needs care, so does your HI-FOG system. Without regular tests, preventive maintenance, and mandatory services, the reliability and performance of your HI-FOG marine firefighting system can diminish. We’ll help you make a lifecycle plan and maintain your HI-FOG system to ensure its long-term reliability.

Preventive maintenance & repairs

We aim to make maintaining the safety of your vessel as easy as possible. Experienced and certified Marioff service engineers perform all BluEdge services, which are arranged in annual, five- and ten-year service intervals. All services include a series of thorough preventive maintenance and overhauling tasks.

During maintenance, we evaluate the general condition and performance level of the system and verify the operation of all the essential parts and functionalities. We assess the system for compliance with new rules or regulations, and the service report will include possible upgrade suggestions. As an original equipment manufacturer of HI-FOG systems, we always make sure your system is maintained according to IMO regulations and Flag state requirements.

We serve you globally at the marine service hubs located in the USA, Europe and Asia.

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