You can retrofit the Marioff HI-FOG® water mist fire protection system in existing vessels to replace aging firefighting systems, to fulfill new regulations or to increase firefighting capabilities.

Voluntary retrofits of your water mist fire protection system can provide more protection than the regulations require. These retrofits are usually made to increase the safety, reliability, and environmental sustainability of the vessel.

When you invest in fire safety, you also invest in your company’s reputation.

Retrofit HI-FOG to fire protect your vessel

Our team of skilled experts develops and delivers turnkey retrofit projects to protect your vessel. The projects typically include design, project management, material delivery, installation, classification approvals and commissioning. We can be your single point of contact who coordinates the project with suppliers, shipyards, engineering, and authorities.

Gas system replacement

Gas systems (Halon, CO2) can be replaced by HI-FOG high-pressure water mist systems that are safe for people and the environment. The HI-FOG system can be immediately released without the need for prior evacuation. The water mist system’s firefighting efficiency has been proven in full-scale fire tests. The HI-FOG system requires no downtime, and it immediately returns to stand-by mode after the fire is under control – there is no need to refill cylinders. Read more from the article Retrofitting an aging fire protection system with Marioff HI-FOG water mist system.

Firefighting system replacement and retrofit

Any fire protection system on board can be replaced with the HI-FOG high-pressure water mist system. For example, firefighting systems without lifecycle services support can be replaced with the HI-FOG system, which can be serviced all over the world. If there’s no fire protection system on board, the HI-FOG system is easy to install – either to comply with regulations or as voluntary protection for added safety.

Onboard fire protection for self-unloading bulk carriers

Self-unloading bulk carriers can be retrofitted with a customized water mist fire protection system and fire detection. Your HI-FOG firefighting system will allow for effective onboard fire response to internal cargo handling spaces. Read more from the article: Marioff HI-FOG high-pressure water mist to increase firefighting capabilities in bulk handling industry