We are focused on system development and securing new technologies that meet both the current and future demands of fire protection. Our goal is to provide market-leading technologies to our customers.

Over time, the needs and requirements for fire protection may change. The HI-FOG fire protection system offers possibilities for upgrades, system extensions, modernizations, and major maintenance and repairs. Our mission is to provide future-proof solutions and market-leading technologies which will help ship owners keep their HI-FOG® systems compliant and competitive throughout the system’s lifetime.

Effective project management and execution from start to finish

We have a dedicated team of experts for upgrade projects that will take care of your vessel's HI-FOG system upgrade needs during your vessel’s lifetime. Working together with our professional team, we can meet your needs and run smoothly successful projects alongside your regular business operations.

Our upgrade project team can provide you solution proposals, system upgrades, and extensions. Our service includes classification re-approvals with installation and commissioning. We also provide replacement parts, such as new water tanks, control cabinets and motors.

An adapting firefighting system

Your HI-FOG system needs may change over the years due to changes in for example the interior layout or adding new spaces that require protection. When the structure of a vessel is modified, the HI-FOG system needs to be adapted. If you re-arrange or make system extensions, our experts will gladly assist you with any HI-FOG system upgrades or enhancements.

To ensure that the design exactly matches the new interior layout, contact our upgrade project team to receive professional feedback or suggestions as to how the system modification would affect the existing HI-FOG system.

Improving the performance of your vessel's fire protection system

We offer a wide range of system upgrades. Below are some examples of the most requested upgrades and enhancements for existing HI-FOG systems:

  • Deep fat fryer protection
  • Electrical stand-by pump
  • Machinery test valves
  • PLC & touchscreen
  • Transition from nitrogen to compressed air
  • Water treatment unit

Making regular fire safety upgrades is a budget-friendly way of adapting new technology to your existing fire protection system. Fire safety upgrades can reduce lifecycle maintenance costs and downtime and increase the safety of your vessel.

We aim to make maintaining the safety of your vessel as easy as possible, we have compiled the most common upgrades and enhancements for existing HI-FOG systems into one document. More detailed information regarding the most common upgrades can now be found in the Fire safety upgrades brochure.

cloud_downloadDownload Upgrades for Marine based HI-FOG systems leaflet

cloud_downloadDownload Electric Stand-by Pump leaflet

cloud_downloadDownload Water Treatment Unit (WTU) leaflet