High-quality HI-FOG® sprinklers are the key component that makes our system ideal for fire protection. HI-FOG sprinklers make the most of water mist with minimal water usage. The reliability of the sprinklers has been verified through numerous type approvals, for example FM, VdS, UL, DNVGL, Lloyd’s, and ABS. Learn more about the approvals HI-FOG sprinkler systems have received from here.

The compact design of HI-FOG sprinklers minimizes the amount of space needed and makes it easy to preserve the aesthetic integrity of the installation site. This is especially important for culturally and historically significant locations.

How do HI-FOG sprinklers work?

Our in-house R&D, manufacturing, and quality control ensure the quality of every HI-FOG sprinkler. Below, we’ve collected some basic information about our HI-FOG sprinklers. Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

HI-FOG sprinklers are engineered and manufactured by Marioff to ensure high quality and excellent performance.

  • Each sprinkler consists of a sprinkler body, a spool valve, a heat sensitive glass bulb and a strainer to prevent clogging.
  • The heat-sensitive glass bulb inside the HI-FOG sprinkler explodes in the case of fire.
  • When the bulb breaks, a spool drops inside the sprinkler. This allows water to discharge through the sprinkler orifices as fine water mist due to high water pressure.
What kind of systems are HI-FOG sprinklers used in?
  • HI-FOG sprinklers are often used in wet pipe systems and pre-action systems. The thermal response in the sprinklers activates the systems, i.e., when the sprinklers react to heat, water mist is discharged immediately.
What kind of selection of HI-FOG sprinklers is there?
  • There are different heat-sensitive bulbs to suit different temperatures. We offer five standard options ranging from 57°C to 141°C.
  • Marioff has wide variety of coating finishes available.