The Marioff HI-FOG® fire hose is a practical, high-pressure hose that can be used to extinguish and control fires. The hose is operated by hand, so it is a quick first line of defense in the case of a fire.

Jet and fog modes

The HI-FOG fire hose has two operation modes: fog and jet. When you use the jet mode, high-pressure water is discharged through the micro and jet nozzle, so the HI-FOG fire hose shoots water to a specific point. When using fog mode, water flows only through the micro nozzles and produces high-pressure mist to cover larger areas simultaneously.

How to install the HI-FOG fire hose

The minimum installation consists of a fire hose that has an isolation valve, a hose reel, and a HI-FOG water mist gun. The hose is connected to a high-pressure water inlet. Therefore, both the use and the installation of a HI-FOG fire hose is simple, easy, and quick.