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A truck driving into a Ro-Ro car deck.

Fire protection for Ro-Ro decks

With the Marioff HI-FOG® solution, your vehicle and cargo decks will be protected with either an automatic sprinkler system or a manually released deluge system – both fire protection solutions comply with IMO MSC.1/Circ. 1430. HI-FOG sprinklers and spray heads are type-approved by all major classification societies. 

The HI-FOG solution offers peace of mind by enhancing fire safety and protection for Ro-Ro decks. We make no compromises in protecting life and your business.

In RoRo decks, a fire can spread easily due to the large number of electrical components and highly flammable fuel contained in vehicles. The HI-FOG water mist fire protection system effectively penetrates areas that are hard to reach, for example, under cars. The HI-FOG system efficiently cools the area and creates a water mist shield that prevents fire from spreading to other vehicles.

HI-FOG wet pipe fire protection system

HI-FOG wet pipe fire protection systems are a clear choice for many different applications. Wet pipe fire protection systems keep water in the tubing under normal conditions for immediate discharge in the case of fire. Its sprinklers are equipped with a heat-sensitive glass bulb, which breaks when a set temperature is exceeded.

HI-FOG deluge system 

HI-FOG deluge systems are ideal for protecting areas, such as Ro-Ro decks and machinery spaces on ship.The systems have dry tubing and open spray heads under normal conditions.

Spaces we protect

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