In the last several decades, urbanization has moved a tremendous amount of people to big cities. This has resulted in a shift in housing construction – from low- and medium- rise to high-rise buildings. High-rise buildings, with their dense occupation and growing user demands, present a specific set of challenges for fire protection systems.

Fire rescue from high-rise buildings is often impossible from the outside of the building. This puts additional pressure on the resilience and reliability of fire safety systems.

The Marioff HI-FOG® high pressure water mist fire suppression system has been tested to protect a wide variety of hazards and, besides occupied areas, it can also protect technical rooms like substations, UPS, or diesel generators. All specific hazards are protected based on type-approvals or full-scale fire tests according to water mist standards.

Thanks to the versatility of the HI-FOG systems, the whole building can be protected with a single solution. This makes operation and maintenance much easier and decreases your building’s total cost of ownership.

Marioff has decades of experience protecting different types of high-rise buildings, such as offices, hotels, and residential or retail buildings. HI-FOG systems protect internationally renowned buildings like the Warsaw Spire in Warsaw, the Roche Tower in Basel, and the Donau City Tower in Vienna.

High-pressure water mist system benefits

The HI-FOG water mist fire suppression system efficiently fights fire using significantly less water than a conventional sprinkler system. This makes the HI-FOG fire suppression system lighter and more compact, providing a significant amount of free space that can be used for a profitable purpose – such as housing tenants or expanding parking areas. The amount of space saved is significant due to the pump unit outlet pressure (up to 140bar), making it unnecessary to keep booster pump units on intermediate floors.

In addition, a smaller amount of water reduces property damage during system activation. With very little clean-up required, office tenants, hotel guests or apartment residents are inconvenienced as little as possible and business downtime is kept to a minimum.

Flexibility and easy installation make HI-FOG the perfect solution for adapting to challenging and evolving layouts.