The reliability of the infrastructure used to deliver power to consumers is becoming the most important measurement for electrical utility providers.

Electric al substations are the key nodes of the electrical grid. Some have an open structure and are visible to anyone, but many critical facilities are hidden from the public eye, either built underground or landscaped to fit into city architecture. As cities continue to grow, the transformers built decades ago in rural areas are now surrounded by modern city life. This introduces new risks – power transformers pose the biggest individual fire hazard in substations, because they use thousands of liters of oil for cooling and electrical insulation.

The Marioff HI-FOG® water mist fire protection system offers superior performance in cooling down and suppressing high heat release rate flammable liquid fires, such as transformer fires. Reliable operation and instant activation are critical to safeguard the surrounding residents and property. In addition, water mist is a safe technology for both people and the environment.

HI-FOG fire protection systems are available at any scale, from fire protecting a single transformer to a full substation fire protection solution, including coverage of cable spaces, electrical spaces, switchgear rooms, battery energy storage systems and administrative areas.

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