We have always relied on extensive research and testing to develop and improve the technology behind Marioff HI-FOG® fire protection systems.

Thousands of full-scale fire safety tests performed on our products ensure that the performance of HI-FOG systems is top-quality.The HI-FOG system has received over hundreds of type approval certificates for a wide range of applications.

Standardized fire testing and type approvals

During the early 1990s, when the HI-FOG system was launched commercially, there were no standards for water mist technology. The sole option to measure the performance of HI-FOG systems was to conduct full-scale fire tests case by case. Since then, fire testing has become standardized. Standardized fire tests measure whether fire protection systems qualify for type approvals.

Working together with the international community

We have promoted setting standards for water mist fire protection systems globally since the 1990s. We were influential in establishing sprinkler system type approvals for passenger ships with the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Today, practically all parts of a ship are covered by standardized fire testing.

We have also influenced the standardization of fire testing for land applications. For example, we have worked together with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and CEN (The European Committee for Standardization) work group CEN/TC191.

HI-FOG water mist systems’ type approval

Thanks to extensive testing, our HI-FOG systems have a vast portfolio of type approvals for both sea and land applications. We have a wide selection of marine type approvals from major classification societies, such as DNVGL, ABS, and Lloyd’s register. For land applications specifically, our selection contains type approvals from FM Approvals and VdS along with various national level approvals.

cloud_downloadDownload a full list of HI-FOG system type approvals for Land applications

cloud_downloadDownload a full list of HI-FOG system type approvals for Marine applications