Marioff HI-FOG® accumulator units operate on compressed air released through water cylinders. Compressed air discharges the water as high-pressure water mist. HI-FOG accumulator units suit small spaces, and they can be used either independently or together with other HI-FOG systems.

Marioff offers three basic types of HI-FOG accumulator units:
  • HI-FOG Machinery Space Accumulator Unit (MAU)
  • HI-FOG Kitchen Accumulator Unit (KAU)
  • HI-FOG Accumulator Unit (ACU) & Water Accumulator Unit (WAU)
HI-FOG Machinery Space Accumulator Unit (MAU)

The HI-FOG MAU consists of water cylinders, pressurized air cylinder(s), and a release valve. The MAU is used, for example, in small machinery spaces and gas turbine enclosures. MAU installation is flexible, because the units can be either wall mounted or floor mounted, and the unit size depends on the features of the protected area. Once installed, these modular and self-contained units are easy to maintain.

HI-FOG Kitchen Accumulator Unit (KAU)

The HI-FOG KAU is similar to the HI-FOG MAU. However, KAU is optimized for kitchen applications such as deep fat fryers, so it ensures that cooking is safe and worry-free.

HI-FOG Accumulator Unit (ACU) & Water Accumulator Unit (WAU)

The HI-FOG ACU & WAU operates under the same operating principles as the other accumulator units. It is specifically designed to function as a back-up unit for sprinkler systems in marine applications for added safety.