Pump units are the heart of HI-FOG® systems. We offer three standard HI-FOG pump units:

  • HI-FOG Land Pump Unit (LPU)
  • HI-FOG Electric Pump Unit (EPU)
  • HI-FOG Gas Pump Unit (GPU)
HI-FOG Land Pump Unit (LPU) benefits
  • The HI-FOG LPU is modular, which means you can get the exact number of pumps you need. LPU pump sizes vary, so we can optimize the features of the LPU to fit specific locations.
  • Pump modules and control cabinets can be installed separately. This allows more flexibility in pump room design and makes modifications easy.
  • Lean manufacturing and an off-the-shelf modular structure enable fast delivery and simplified maintenance.
HI-FOG Electric Pump Unit (EPU) benefits
  • The HI-FOG EPU consists of a mechanical pump unit and a separate control cabinet.
  • An advanced control system with frequency converter enables the production of the exact pressure and flow needed, a feature which conserves energy.
  • Excess water unloading is not needed, which simplifies the mechanical design further.
  • A user-friendly interface allows you to monitor the status of the unit and control the alarms. It will also provide you with help information, maintenance reminders, and an event history log which makes managing the system easy.
HI-FOG Gas Pump Unit (GPU) benefits
  • The HI-FOG GPU is self-contained, which means no external power source is needed for activating it. It operates on compressed air, which is used to produce fine water mist in the case of a fire. This makes the GPU a simple option for machinery spaces, for example.
  • The GPU consist of a gas-driven mechanical piston-type pump. It can take water from an external water system or from a water tank or cylinders. Therefore, it can be customized for various types of installation sites.
  • The size will be adapted to cover the protected space, so it will take up the smallest possible amount of space.

These are the standard pump unit options offered, we also have solutions for more specific needs. Contact us and we can help you to decide which HI-FOG pump unit is the best option for your fire protection needs.

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