HI-FOG® spray heads are a reliable choice for HI-FOG deluge water mist fire protection systems. Thousands of full-scale fire tests and type-approvals from all major classification societies prove that HI-FOG spray heads are a safe and effective choice for fire protection. You can read our success stories to find out how organizations around the world rely on HI-FOG.

How do HI-FOG spray heads work?

HI-FOG spray heads are engineered and manufactured by Marioff, so we know our spray heads inside and out.

  • All HI-FOG spray heads are made of stainless steel and come with a strainer, which prevents clogging. The orifices are open, and there is no heat-sensitive glass bulb like in our sprinklers.
  • When the HI-FOG system is activated by a fire detection system, a section valve opens. Then, pressurized water fills the tubing. Finally, the water is dispersed as high-pressure water mist through the spray heads.
  • All spray heads are activated at once in a pre-defined fire protected area. The size of that area can be tailored to suit your needs.
In what kind of systems are HI-FOG spray heads used?
  • In most cases, spray heads are used in deluge systems. Deluge systems have an independent fire detection system, after which water discharge is activated manually or automatically. Deluge systems “flood” the tubing that is dry under normal circumstances, hence the name.
What kind of HI-FOG spray head selection does Marioff offer?
  • A great variety of HI-FOG spray heads is available to meet a vast range of fire protection requirements.
  • Our selection of HI-FOG spray heads contains options tailored especially for different machinery spaces and industrial applications.
  • We also offer spray heads that fulfill special requirements, such as tamper-proof spray head installations for added security, or floor mounting heads for airport hangars.