Tubing has a central function in each Marioff HI-FOG® system because it conveys the water to the different parts of the system.

Corrosion resistant materials

It is important that fire suppression tubing stays in an excellent shape. The tubing used in the high-pressure parts of the HI-FOG system is made of corrosion resistant AISI 316L stainless steel. This ensures that the tubing remains functional for a long time. Since the tubing and fittings are specifically designed to withstand high-pressure water, they are extremely durable.

Compact size

Due to its small size, HI-FOG tubing has many benefits compared to traditional sprinkler system pipes. Small tubing protects the aesthetic integrity of heritage sites, conserves the limited space available on ships, and is suitable for tight installation spaces. HI-FOG tubing combines the best of both worlds: it is highly effective and doesn’t take up a significant amount of space.

Flexible and easy installation

Installing HI-FOG fire suppression tubing into a HI-FOG system is easy: the tubes can be bent without complicated mechanical fittings, such as knees. We provide you with all high-pressure fittings needed to complete the tubing network and to make the HI-FOG system operational. In addition, we offer the fittings for mounting the sprinklers and spray heads into their places. With tight connections, the piping works as intended and guarantees the best fire protection.