We offer a wide selection of valves for various functions in HI-FOG® systems. Each valve is a high-quality product designed by Marioff to guarantee the best functionality possible. Read more below about the different valves used in our HI-FOG systems and what role they play in water mist fire protection.

Sprinkler section valves

Section valves divide the HI-FOG sprinkler system into sections. Section valves are normally open and monitored constantly. When a sprinkler is activated by heat, water flows through the valve and the HI-FOG pump unit activates automatically.

Section valves are also used to manually close the water supply during maintenance. Moreover, section valves are equipped with a special test connection for maintenance testing purposes, so that sprinkler activation can be simulated without having to activate the entire HI-FOG system.

If necessary, section valves can be fitted together with other accessories, such as flow indicators.

Machinery space section valves

Machinery space valves are mainly used for HI-FOG systems with open spray heads. When fire is detected, the machinery space valves open and allow water to flow and discharge to the area of the fire. Machinery space valves are controlled either remotely or locally.

Other valves

We offer a variety of release and control valves for HI-FOG systems operating on compressed air. Marioff can also provide other valves, such as pre-action valves, stabilization valves, non-return valves and ball valves for making HI-FOG system installations as streamlined as possible.