Marioff HI-FOG® deluge systems are ideal for protecting marine locations, such as machinery spaces on ships or industrial applications like turbines. Deluge systems are a reliable choice for protecting critical machinery – in the case of a fire, they react quickly and keep damage and machinery downtime minimal.

With our HI-FOG deluge system options, you can get a fire protection solution for your specific object or a broader site. There are two types of HI-FOG deluge systems: local application systems and volume protection systems.

Local application systems are designed to protect particular objects, such as generators, diesel engines, and transformers with large enclosures. These types of deluge systems are activated only around the specific object, so they provide targeted protection for valuable technology.

Volume protection systems, also known as total flooding systems, activate the whole water mist system at once. Volume protection deluge systems therefore protect larger areas than local application systems.

How do HI-FOG deluge systems work?
  • Deluge systems have dry tubing and open spray heads under normal conditions.
  • When the system is activated, a section valve in between the piping and the water supply is opened. The valve is controlled either manually or automatically by the fire detection system.
  • When the valve is opened, water floods the pipes and is discharged as water mist to the pre-defined area of the spray heads.

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