Cold temperature alone does not prevent fires, so low-temperature areas also need to be protected from fire. Because the piping in the Marioff HI-FOG® dry pipe fire suppression system is not filled with water but instead with compressed air, the pipes will not freeze even when the temperature drops below zero. Therefore, they are a safe choice for challenging environments where frozen pipes could cause problems.

How do HI-FOG dry pipe systems work?
  • Dry pipe fire suppression systems’ tubing is dry under normal conditions. A valve keeps the water on the side of the pump in the tubing network.
  • The tubing from the valve to the sprinklers is filled with compressed air. In the case of a fire, a heat sensitive glass bulb breaks inside the sprinkler.
  • When the air pressure in the tubing drops, the monitoring switch opens the section valve and releases water into the tubing and through the HI-FOG sprinklers as water mist.