Gas turbines and other packaged rotating equipment – such as compressors and diesel generators used in oil & gas and power generating facilities – pose similar fire hazards: they contain fuel and oil adjacent to hot surfaces during operation and maintenance.

Gas turbines occupy their own fire hazard class according to the FM 5560 approval protocol. The test protocol considers the fire hazards related to gas turbines, as well as the risk of discharging water mist onto a hot gas turbine.

The Marioff HI-FOG® water mist fire protection system is safe for both people and the environment and provides superior fire protection performance. Water mist fire protection works even if the acoustic enclosure door has been left open due to human error or if the enclosure integrity has deteriorated over the equipment’s lifecycle. Water mist quickly and gently cools down the fire and the structures below the flammable liquid flashpoint, thus preventing re-ignition.

Immediate activation of the fire protection system is crucial. This is because of the high air flow used for cooling the turbine, which provides fuel to the fire. Immediate activation prevents the fire from growing or spreading to surrounding areas.

We offer cylinder unit systems and an electric pump unit-based systems as containerized modular solutions, with minimal effort needed on site. Containerized solutions can be tailored to meet your specification. The HI-FOG product portfolio has fire protection systems optimized for everything from aeroderivative and industrial gas turbines all the way to the largest utility scale heavy-duty gas turbines. The HI-FOG systems protect hundreds of gas turbines globally from leading turbine manufacturers.

Why is gas turbine fire protection important?

In case of fire, a turbine failure can interrupt power generation and jeopardize your production, resulting in considerable business losses.

A HI-FOG gas turbine fire protection system makes it possible to quickly return to operation after a fire, as the system can be reactivated once the operator has checked the system and the water tank has been re-filled. You do not need to wait for replacement or restoration after a fire. This ensures rapid return on investment from your HI-FOG gas turbine fire protection system.

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