HI-FOG® systems can be connected to various types of water supply systems for firefighting because the systems do not need excessive amounts of water. HI-FOG systems can use either water supply lines, water tanks, or cylinders. You can read more about how HI-FOG systems use less water to achieve the same results as traditional sprinkler systems.

How does water move through the HI-FOG system?

HI-FOG pump units can be connected either to water supply lines or water tanks. Water supply lines are directly connected to the city’s main water line, whereas water tanks are independent water sources. The HI-FOG system can have its own dedicated water supply or can share a water supply with other facilities. The systems based on HI-FOG accumulator units utilize water cylinders that are pre-filled with water.

HI-FOG pump units typically use a feed pump which moves the water from the water source to the HI-FOG system at a steady pressure. Maintaining the correct pressure in the inlet water flow is important, as it ensures that the HI-FOG system functions correctly. The water is then moved along the tubing network to the sprinklers or spray heads where it is discharged as HI-FOG high-pressure water mist.