Marioff HI-FOG® wet pipe fire suppression systems are a dependable choice for many different types of applications on land and at sea, such as offices, hotels, accommodation areas, and service spaces. Wet pipe systems are suitable for everyday fire protection because these systems activate immediately but discharge only minimal amount of water mist, which minimizes water damage. The benefits of wet pipe fire suppression systems are quick response time and a quick return to operations, since no massive renovations will be needed due to water damage.

How wet pipe fire suppression systems work
  • Wet pipe fire suppression systems have water in their tubing under normal conditions. The tubing is connected to the water supply. Since water is already in the tubing, the response time is immediate.
  • In the case of a fire, the water is discharged as fine water mist through only the sprinklers activated by heat.
  • The sprinklers are equipped with a heat-sensitive glass bulb, which breaks when the temperature set for it is exceeded. There are different bulbs for different temperatures – you can read more about them in our article about HI-FOG sprinklers.