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Marioff HI-FOG protects historic sites from fire

A photo of a museum entrance located in a heritage building.

HI-FOG® protects unperishable sites, the buildings as well as the precious items from fire. You find the HI-FOG firefighting system in:

Teylers Museum Haarlem, The Netherlands

Teylers Museum, located in Haarlem, Netherlands, opened to the public in 1784. For centuries, this “Museum of Wonder” has been a hub for the exquisite and the strange, from art and fossils to imaginative contraptions and precious books. It is the oldest museum in the Netherlands, and a Dutch heritage site. The Oval room, the historical center of the museum, stands as a stunning example of neoclassical architecture. Over the years, there have been several extensions, each designed with the sensibilities of their day.

The historical significance of the site meant that the fire protection solution had to be implemented with utmost care, complying with all local regulations while serving the needs of each unique space.

Marioff partner FireX, developed and implemented the HI-FOG fire protection solution fed by an MSPU2 pump. The system was implemented with the ability to control fires locally. It will protect the art and book collections, instruments, coins and other precious items from already from the 18th century. The high-pressure water mist system uses less water than a traditional sprinkler system, which minimizes damage in the event of a fire. The water is transported through small pipes that were retrofitted specifically for the site, and the system’s sprinklers were selected for their ability to blend seamlessly into the historic interiors.

St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York, USA

St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the largest Neo-Gothic style Roman Catholic cathedral in the United States and one of New York City’s most famous buildings. Construction of the cathedral began in 1858, and it was opened after 29 years of work in 1887.


St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, USA, is protected by HI-FOG system.

The HI-FOG water mist fire protection system was chosen to avoid the water damage risk of a conventional sprinkler system. "Protecting irreplaceable assets in the heritage site, HI-FOG offers fast control and fire suppression capabilities, while also minimizing the structural impact of the system’s installation in this historic building”, says Kate Monaghan from St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Oracle Sales Center, the Netherlands

As a permanent location for Oracle’s Cloud Sales Center in Amsterdam, Oracle has chosen a heritage building turned into the Oracle office. 450 employees work in the prestigious old warehouse (6340 m2) at the Nieuwevaart in Amsterdam, located in the UNESCO monument, which is awarded as an inner circle of the city of Amsterdam.


The heritage building turned into the Oracle office is protected against fire with HI-FOG.

The Cloud Sales Center plays an important role in expanding Oracle's cloud business. The opening of the Cloud Sales Center and the recruitment of 400 new cloud sales professionals in the Netherlands follows a multi-billion-dollar investment in developing the most complete portfolio of cloud computing services. The scope contains five floors office space design based on VdS OH1 including the HI-FOG water mist monitoring system and fire detection, supplied by the FireX partner.

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