Lemmer, The Netherlands

Lemmer , ir. D.F. Woudagemaal. This UNESCO World Heritage monument built in the style of the Amsterdam School is the largest functional steam bucking which has a tremendous capacity of 6000 m3 per day. This monument is still in use to maintain the water level in Friesland. Without this facility the area of Friesland would at times be flooded with flood waters. Above all, the Woudagemaal is an important site for water management of the region but besides that it is possible to visit the location even when the steam driven pumps are in operation.
A HI-FOG® system has been installed to protect the roof of the building which consists of a historical steel structure supporting a wooden roof. HI-FOG® has been selected because of the system’s light weight allowing to fix the system to the existing  roof structure. Great efforts have been made to fit the system into the project. Besides that the system has been painted black so that the HI-FOG® system is hardly noticeable and not disturbing the historic picture of the project. This made it possible to meet the requirements of the owner, historical building committee and consultant.