How to Fire Protect a Data Center?

FM approvedProtecting Large Data Centers

Fire suppression in large data centers is challenging due to the high airflow and the increased power density of servers. FM Approvals has identified this increased fire risk and upgraded its FM5560 standard to incorporate new fire test protocols for data halls and subfloors.

When Telia Finland was planning a new data center, they had a challenge: How can you keep 200 000 servers as safe as possible? And how to do that with only one fire protection solution that covers all spaces in a building that has a size of 5 football fields? And with as small an ecological footprint as possible?

Watch the video below to find the solution!


10 Step Guide for Fire Protection

You should start planning for the fire protection system at an early phase of the project to ensure a system that is fit for purpose and protects the data center for its entire lifecycle.

When you take into account every possible detail during the project planning stage, there’s less need to make changes afterwards. Making changes to the routing of the pipe network, for example, might disrupt your operations.

Download a free HI-FOG® 10 step guide for data center fire protection.

You will learn:

  • Where to start planning fire protection
  • What system integrations are needed
  • How to avoid unnecessary shut downs
  • How to prepare for future expansions


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10 Steps for Fire Protection on Data Centers

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