Fire Protection for the Food Industry

Using small amounts of pure water combined with a high velocity discharge, HI-FOG® provides clean, fast-acting fire protection. HI-FOG® water mist penetrates fire and blocks radiant heat, which means that a fire can be brought under control quickly and easily. With tested and approved high performance, HI-FOG® is ideally suited for use in spaces that house industrial oil cookers and ovens.

Industrial oil cookers, also known as deep fat fryers, represent a fire hazard commonly associated with the food industry. The fire protection system therefore needs to extinguish the flames while cooling down the oil, in order to prevent re-ignition, without contaminating the oil or the food.

Large, industrial ovens are the second major fire hazard commonly found in the food industry, mostly due to the fact that food remnants that may ignite as a result of the excess heat contained within the ovens. Should this situation arise, the fire protection system needs to both extinguish the flames and counter the heat of the ovens.

As it is compact and lightweight, HI-FOG® requires very little space in terms of installation. With its low water and power consumption, along with essentially free refills, HI-FOG® is an economical, high performance fire protection system. To read more about the HI-FOG® water mist system in conjunction with the food industry, please visit the systems section or peruse the HI-FOG® for the Food Industry brochure.



HI-FOG® for the food industry (EN)