Sprinkler vs HI-FOG®

Water is the oldest, most widely used and universally available fire fighting agent known to man. It is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and, in addition, has superior fire protection capabilities when compared to every other agent.

Fire Protection with Traditional Sprinkler System

Marioff HI-FOG Fire ProtectionTraditional sprinklers rely on water in order to perform, but unlike water mist they require the discharge of an enormous amount of water, predominantly in the form of large droplets, either in a protected space or directly on to equipment.

This often has implications such as water damage in the protected spaces and the need for a vast water supply due to the sheer amount of water required.

This automatically and justifiably creates concern among customers, as their valuable assets, or in some cases their production, are placed at risk - not only from fire, but also due to the fire protection system itself.   

Fire Protection with the HI-FOG® Water Mist System

The HI-FOG® system is designed to both suppress and control fire, and its performance has consistently been proven to be better than or equivalent to that of traditional sprinklers. Furthermore, the amount of water used is significantly less, which results in far less water damage. What sets the HI-FOG® system apart from its competitors is the usage of micro-droplets, which represent water in its most effective fire fighting form. Yet another advantage of the HI-FOG® fire protection system when set against traditional sprinkler systems is that life cycle costs can be reduced due to its unique and intelligent design, which incorporates carefully-selected and durable materials.