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Cirrus – close to clouds
6 December 2004

The tallest residential building in Finland, named ‘Cirrus’, will provide its inhabitants with a feeling of being close to the clouds. With its 26 stories reaching over 86 m above street level, the new landmark of Eastern Helsinki will be opening a new era in high-rise living in the country. From a fire protection point of view, this new era means that all the residences will be protected with a HI-FOG sprinkler system.

CirrusFire safety has been a fundamental design criterion when planning the entire building, as most fires that claim lives occur in residential buildings. Residential fire protection is becoming more and more common, as many new buildings are designed to accommodate people of all ages, including those in their senior years, when personal mobility may be reduced.

The general contractor for the project, YIT Construction Ltd, chose HI-FOG for several reasons. The small water damage in case of accidental or actual nozzle operation, the small and aesthetic pipework and nozzles, and the small water consumption with uncompromised fire protection performance were key decision factors. Insurance companies being fearful of collateral damage in case of flooding in the upper floors supported the choice of HI-FOG. Interruption costs in the form of drying structures and hotel accommodation for residents would very soon exceed the value of the fire protection system. “A 21st century building deserves fire protection technology developed for the 21st century”, adds Lasse Vanhanen, the project manager with YIT Construction Ltd.