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Data Facility Protection
15 May 2000

The rapid expansion of global web-based business means suitable physical locations are needed for computer and telecoms hardware. These locations must have access to carrier networks, protected power supplies, security and very high quality fire protection. HI-FOG is increasingly being specified for these facilities, protecting all risks including telecom and computer equipment, as well as emergency generators and switchrooms.

Ray Ackland, Sales Director for Marioff UK, has been instrumental in opening this market niche in Europe: "Customers are initially sceptical about the wisdom of putting a water-based system into spaces full of computer and telecom equipment. But we use pre-action HI-FOG sprinklers, only filling the pipework when the second alarm level is reached. And by using our innovative GPU (Gas Pump Unit) water discharge is very low, and of course only over the actual fire area. The same unit protects all fire risk areas in the facility including back-up generators, so we are providing major benefits over gaseous systems."

One of Marioff's major customers in this field is IXEurope, an independent provider of these co-location facilities for companies needing this instant infrastructure. The company's whole business strategy is based on providing the safest possible physical location for their customer's hardware. At their City of London site HI-FOG is protecting the 800 m2 (8000 ft2) main Data Room, whilst at their new Heathrow facility Marioff is currently installing a system to protect about 7000 m2 (70,000ft2).

Steve Hedgecock, IXEurope's Operations Manager commented: "We like the fact that the HI-FOG system is zoned so that should the worst happen there is only a discharge at the point of fire. Apart from the environmental and people friendliness' of using what we call "cold steam", it made sense economically as well, due to the very high refill cost in these large spaces should there be a gas discharge."

Steve Hedgehock at IXEurope's City of London facilitySteve Hedgehock at IXEurope's City of London facility