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Europe’s Largest Wooden Apartment Building, Protected by HI-FOG® High Pressure Water Mist System, Opens to the Public
9 July 2015

VANTAA, Finland, July 9, 2015 — The Marioff HI-FOG® advanced fire protection system protects Europe’s largest, multi-story wooden residential building built by Rakennusliike Reponen, which is now open at the Vantaa Housing Fair. Visitors can tour three of the building’s apartments during the fair from July 10 through August 9, 2015. Marioff, the world’s largest supplier of water mist fire protection technology and supplier of system solutions worldwide under the HI-FOG® brand, is a part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

The HI-FOG® system is installed throughout the building, which includes 186 apartments totaling more than 10,000 square meters, and an underground parking area for 80 cars. The system helps ensure protection of the seven-story, energy-neutral wooden residential building.

The combustibility of wood limits its use as a construction material, according to building regulations in most countries. Finland’s national building regulations permit the construction of three- to eight-story wood-frame residential buildings as long as an automatic sprinkler system is installed throughout.

“Using significantly less water than traditional sprinkler systems and requiring less tubing material, the HI-FOG® solution minimizes the carbon footprint of the fire protection system,” said Jaakko Kääriäinen, manager, Marioff Finland.

About Marioff and HI-FOG®

Marioff is a leading developer of water mist fire protection technology and supplies system solutions worldwide. The company’s innovative HI-FOG® water mist fire protection system safely controls and suppresses fire using significantly less water than conventional sprinkler systems, reducing water damage, cleanup time and operational downtime. Marioff is a part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp., a leading provider to the aerospace and building systems industries worldwide.