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HI-FOG® protects Finland's cultural treasure
31 August 2000

An innovative HI-FOG system is being supplied to protect a historic wooden church which is part of Finnish cultural history. The church at Haukipudas, in the north of Finland, dates from 1762 and is renowned internationally for it's old and new testament wall and ceiling paintings by the famous church painter Mikael Toppelius.

The church at Haukipudas

A HI-FOG GPU (Gas driven Pump Unit) system has been chosen because of the minimal water damage when the mist is discharged, compared to a conventional sprinkler system, which would destroy the paintings.

Because the outside temperature in the area drops commonly to -30°C in winter, piping in the uninsulated attic of the church cannot be waterfilled. Marioff has designed a system with pipework pressurized by nitrogen gas.

In case of fire, some of the 70 HI-FOG sprinkler bulbs will break and this decreases the gas pressure in the network, which automatically opens the section valve and operates the GPU.

Mikael Vartio, responsible for the project at Marioff explained: "The primary reason why HI-FOG was chosen by the client was minimal water damage to these irreplaceable paintings, but in addition the small pipe sizes mean there are no installation problems between the old beams in the attics."

The church at Haukipudas