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Marioff HI-FOG® partners gathered in Helsinki
26 June 2015

A two day strategic event with the theme ‘One step ahead’ updated participants on HI-FOG water mist technology and strengthened partnerships.

Participants in front of the Marioff headquarters in Vantaa, Finland.

The Marioff HI-FOG Partner Days took place from May 21st to 22nd 2015, in Helsinki, Finland. Marioff hosted nearly 100 worldwide distributor partners from both land and marine business segments over the two days. The event theme “One step ahead” lent itself to lecture themes and discussions on forthcoming products and the company’s latest innovations.

Isto Hantila, Managing Director opened the two day event with Marioff’s new business model.

The event offered an excellent opportunity for HI-FOG partners to meet one another and to get to know the Marioff team, in addition to learn about Marioff’s latest products, the new HI-FOG water mist technology and business strategy.

The first day kicked off with an overview of Marioff in the context of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, the opportunities for the water mist business brought about by global mega trends and the way in which the company’s focus on land and marine verticals is maintained. Marioff experts also gave attendees an in-detail look at new water mist technology used in new HI-FOG product releases as well as in upcoming product development.

During the first day, four pre-selected partners gave presentations on the voice of the customer (VOC). These presentations introduced business cases, best practices and lessons learned. Participants and Marioff attendees alike benefited from hearing partners’ experiences selling HI-FOG in Poland, China, the Middle East and the United States. The first day concluded with an awards ceremony and evening event.

The second day began with full scale fire demonstrations at the VTT Fire Testing Laboratory in Espoo, Finland where participants were witness to the efficacy of the HI-FOG system. Marioff regularly conducts full scale fire tests in cooperation with VTT, the leading fire research and technology company in the Nordic countries. The partners were also given an overview of Marioff’s technology road map. In the afternoon the program continued at the Marioff headquarters in Vantaa, where the latest developments in sales tools and partner training were presented during a mini exhibition called ‘Gallery Walk’.

Fire testing at fire test laboratory – free burn and HI-FOG fire suppression.

“Maintaining good relationships and building trust with our distributor partner network worldwide is essential in the water mist business,” said Isto Hantila, Managing Director, Marioff Corporation Oy. “This event provided an exceptional forum to demonstrate Marioff’s commitment to its HI-FOG partners and to deepen our levels of knowledge and exchange,” he concluded.

Feedback was very positive, and the plan is to organize similar events bi-annually.