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A deep fat fryer in a kitchen of a restaurant.

Fire protection for deep fat fryers and ducts

Deep fat fryers and galley/laundry ducts are protected according to MSC.1/Circ.1433 and ISO 15371(2009) with the HI-FOG fire protection system. HI-FOG spray heads are type-approved by all major classification societies. Deep fat fryers in a ship's galley and exhaust ducts are the most common areas that catch fire, necessitating a reliable galley fire suppression system. With the HI-FOG system, we provide peace of mind to operations.

The HI-FOG system for deep fat fryer fire protection is specially designed to protect the galley’s deep fat cooking equipment.

The deep fat fryer protection is isolated from the tubing network with its own release valve. When fire ignites, the HI-FOG system is activated by opening the valve and high-pressure water mist is discharged to suppress the fire.

Exhaust ducts are protected with special spray heads that are installed inside the duct wall and protected from clogging with cooking grease. In case of fire inside the galley duct, the spray heads pop up and begin supplying fine water mist at high pressure. This quickly suppresses flames in the duct.

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