Fire Protection for Data Centers

Protecting Your Cloud With Mist

Data keeps businesses running these days. And the amount of data growing exponentially every year, the need for large data centers has increased. 

Fire suppression in data centers can be challenging due to the high airflow and the increased power density of servers. The FM Approvals has identified the increased fire risk in data centers and upgraded its FM Standard 5560 to incorporate new fire test protocols for data halls and subfloors. 

HI-FOG, renowned for its ability to control, suppress and cool fires, is the first high-pressure water mist system to fulfill the new requirements and receive the FM Approvals Certificate for protecting data processing equipment rooms / halls and subfloors from fire according to FM Standard 5560. HI-FOG has received more than 130 type approval certificates for several applications.

Key Benefits

  • HI-FOG's performance has been verified in full-scale fire tests
  • No need to shut down process cooling
  • Localized discharge, minimized water damage
  • Fast and inexpensive to reset to stand-by mode
  • Uses less water than traditional sprinkler systems
  • Minimized risk of false discharge
  • High quality stainless steel piping, no welding in connections
  • Room integrity not required
  • Cost-efficient to scale-up to new areas when the facility is expanding
  • The safe and sustainable way to fight fires
  • Suitable for protecting the entire facility, including data halls, offices and technical areas

Our Customers

Several companies around the world have already chosen HI-FOG fire protection for their data centers. Our typical customers include:

  • Colocation service providers
  • Telecom operators
  • Banks and other financial operators
  • Industrial companies
  • Military



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Protecting Your Cloud With Mist