Donau City Tower 1, Vienna, Austria

HI-FOG® safeguards the iconic Donau City Tower 1, which is currently Austria’s tallest building. Located on the banks of the Danube River, the 220-meter tall tower, which has nearly 138,000 square meters of floor space, combines architectural aesthetics with an advanced sustainable design and functionality. It is one of the first Austrian office towers to be built and equipped in accordance with the energy and sustainability requirements for 'green buildings' issued by the European Commission.

Marioff GmbH, together with the Austrian accredited testing and inspection organization IBS Institute for Technical Fire Protection and Safety Research Ltd, initially completed a case study for DC Tower 1. Having finished the study and completed the drawings, it became clear that HI-FOG® would bring many benefits to the project, including cost savings and an environmentally sustainable solution. HI-FOG® was an ideal choice for the DC Tower as it requires significantly less water than a traditional sprinkler system. Furthermore, the architects and builders were pleased to work with the compact components, which were designed to fit the challenging and often small spaces.