Fingrid Oyj Tammisto Substation, Finland

Customer profile

Fingrid Oyj is the enterprise which takes care of the functioning of the nation-wide high-voltage grid, the backbone of electricity transmission. Fingrid transmits electricity continuously from electricity generating companies to distribution network companies and industrial companies. They take care of the cross-border connections and promote the functioning of the electricity market.

Tammisto Substation is a key node for Finland’s capital area.



Tammisto substation is trapped between a large hotel to be expanded to the vicinity of the substation, a residential area and one of the busiest intersections on the ring roads in the capital area. The city is growing around the substation built decades ago. This brings new risks to be taken into consideration.


HI-FOG® solution

HI-FOG® system is powered by a MSPU 9 electric pump unit with a fire water tank for 40 minute operation and emergency water feed for fire fighters. There was no need to invest in a new water feed line.  HI-FOG solution is based on the full scale fire tests done in Finland in extreme weather conditions. HI-FOG system is equipped with an automatic activation and also a remote activation from a Fingrid Oyjʼs control center. Fast activation is a key factor when controlling challenging transformer fires. 


“First of all, Fingrid Oyj voluntarily wanted to add an active fire protection system for Tammisto substation. We wanted to secure our business continuity and also minimize the risk for interrupting other’s businesses. Traditional water based systems were found too inefficient in the studies, so HI-FOG® was chosen due to its high performance in fighting liquid fires.

– Timo Ojanen, Senior Specialist , Fingrid Oyj