Gas Suppression vs HI-FOG®


Choosing a water mist system rather than a gas system requires no special alterations to a room’s integrity. The benefits of the HI-FOG® Water Mist System stem from safer, simpler and easier fire protection, meaning we can honestly and proudly say: “Don’t wait – activate”.

While gas suppression has proven to be an effective fire protection method, there are a number of pitfalls to using this type of system. Indeed, when compared to the effectiveness and cost-saving features of HI-FOG®, the gulf becomes remarkably apparent.

Gaseous systems place high demands on the construction and maintenance of the facility, and may also lead to facility- and equipment-damaging issues. The common challenges associated with these systems often revolve around the fact that only the purchase costs are analyzed, with other construction and maintenance costs forgotten or neglected.

With HI-FOG®: “Don’t wait – activate”

The room or the enclosure needs to be ‘air tight’ with gas suppression systems in order to contain the agent long enough to extinguish a fire. This requires the complete sealing of all walls, floors and ceiling slabs including doorways and openings. Full discharge test or an enclosure integrity test (also known as a door fan test) is needed as part of the system acceptance process in order to prove the system functionality. That is not the case with HI-FOG®, which fire fighting performance has been proven in number of full scale fire tests. HI-FOG® can be activated at any point in time without delay – thus increasing the safety of the facility and its personnel.

HI-FOG®: Saving Time, Costs and Productivity

As well as the logistical issues, gas suppression, particularly when measured against the HI-FOG® water mist fire suppression system, can be costly. Regardless of whether there is a large or small fire, or if there is simply false alarm activation, all the gas within the system is discharged. Refilling the system can cost a great deal of money, while waiting for the system to be operational once again often hinders business continuity. Conversely, the type-approved HI-FOG® system is easily reset via a pump unit, allowing the system to be instantaneously ready to serve its purpose:  fire protection. This, above all, increases the fire safety of our customers.