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A modern suite on a Viking Grace ferry.

Fire protection for accommodation and service spaces at sea

Accommodation and services spaces are protected according to IMO A.Res 800 with an automatic Marioff HI-FOG® fire protection system. HI-FOG 3000 sprinklers are type-approved by all major classification societies. With the HI-FOG system we provide peace of mind and help keep your passengers safe.

Sprinklers are equipped with a heat-sensitive glass bulb which breaks and activates the system at a certain temperature. When the bulb breaks, the HI-FOG pump unit starts automatically, and water mist is discharged through the activated sprinkler(s).

The HI-FOG 3000 sprinkler portfolio is optimized to protect all types of accommodation and service spaces on board.

The HI-FOG high-pressure water mist system uses significantly less water than traditional fire protection systems, keeping water damage to a minimum without compromising firefighting capability.

Spaces we protect

A happy man looking at the camera by the window. A happy man looking at the camera by the window.
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