Fire Protection for Buildings

HI-FOG® is an advanced fire protection system suitable for different kinds of buildings. Extensive research and development, along with rigorous fire testing, make HI-FOG® an extremely effective and reliable fire protection solution.

Fire safety is of paramount importance to our customers, and HI-FOG® offers an effective and durable solution while using significantly less water than traditional water based sprinkler systems. Various technical HI-FOG® solutions can be installed in even the most challenging parts of the buildings in accordance with the relevant building fire codes and standards in Ordinary Hazard classifications.

Meeting Customers' Fire Protection Requirements

Rigorous fire testing, high quality products and professional design are supported by a number of type approvals, and these factors combine to best meet customer requirements in terms of fire protection for commercial buildings.  

HI-FOG® helps ensure that buildings and their occupants are kept safe from fire while maintaining business continuity. An architecturally friendly solution, HI-FOG® is ideal for both new and older buildings, as it complements the visual beauty and structural constraints of: