Fire Protection for Stations

Fire protection for stations - Madrid Metro

Millions of people move around underground every day, and evacuation routes easily become congested in case of an emergency. HI-FOG® allows additional time for evacuation before circumstances become life-threatening.

HI-FOG® Benefits

HI-FOG® is ideal for underground stations as it uses only a small amount of water. A single pump unit can protect a diverse range of spaces, including passageways, platforms, trainways, shopping arcades and technical areas. A single fire protection system can protect the whole station against different fire risks (e.g. electrical fires, liquid fires, train fires).

Station operators and owners can be assured of their choice, as HI-FOG® has passed the essential fire tests required for use in a typical station. With low water supply requirements, HI-FOG® complements retrofit installations. Furthermore, depending on the local regulations, it may be possible to obtain significant alleviations in other fire safety requirements if HI-FOG® is used. These can include, for example, smaller smoke extract equipment, which may lead to substantial cost savings.




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