Fire Protection for Ships

Picture of Stena Estrid shipHI-FOG®: efficient, reliable and trusted fire protection at sea

Not only does HI-FOG® meet the minimum IMO requirements for fire suppression at sea, but it has also been proven to keep the damages in minimun in the case of fire. Indeed, HI-FOG® is so highly regarded in the marine industry that more than 2000 vessels, ranging from private yachts to vast cargo and cruise ships, are now equipped with Marioff’s trusted system.

The simple nature of HI-FOG® – one panel controls the entire ship’s system – allows it to be used effectively and safely on such a substantial scale. Furthermore, it is able to protect every part of every ship, including accommodation, galleys, service areas, Ro-Ro decks and machinery spaces. 

HI-FOG® can be easily and seamlessly installed in existing vessels, as well as new ones, meaning businesses operating in this field do not have to take their vessels out of commission for a great deal of time. Once the system is in place, the fact that downtime, damage and passenger disruption are minimal, due to HI-FOG®’s unique high pressure water mist system, makes it the ideal fire suppression solution for this demanding sector.

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HI-FOG® for Marine applications (EN)