Pump Units

HI-FOG® pump units are a key part of system performance, as they must deliver consistently and reliably. The pump unit type and size is selected according to the hazard type and areas that need to be covered.

Marioff offers six basic types of HI-FOG® pump units, each with a variety of configurations:

  • HI-FOG® Land Pump Unit (LPU)
  • HI-FOG® Electric Pump Unit (EPU)
  • HI-FOG® Sprinkler Pump Unit (SPU)
  • HI-FOG® Modular Sprinkler Pump Unit (MSPU)
  • HI-FOG® Machinery Local Application Pump Unit (MLPU)
  • HI-FOG® Diesel Pump Unit (DPU)
  • HI-FOG® Gas Pump Unit (GPU)

LPU modulesHI-FOG® Land Pump Unit (LPU)

Modular structure combined with different pump sizes ensures optimized HI-FOG solutions for all kind of applications for building and industrial customers. Lean manufacturing and off-the-shelf modular structure enable fast delivery and simplified maintenance during its complete lifetime. Each module fits on a EUR pallet and can be moved to its final installation location with a standard pallet jack.

The modular structure allows the pump modules and control cabinet to be installed separately, which brings more flexibility to the pump room design. Furthermore, the HI-FOG system is easily modified and extended as needed.

HI-FOG Electric Pump UnitHI-FOG® Electric Pump Unit (EPU)

The HI-FOG® Electric Pump unit consists of a mechanical pump skid and a separate control cabinet. Its unique modular structure enables flexible installation and optimized use of footprint.

The advanced control system ensures that the pump unit provides only the required pressure and flow. Pressure optimization is achieved with the software control and a frequency converter. Excess water unloading is not needed, which simplifies the mechanical design.

The EPU’s user-friendly interface provides real-time status of the pump unit and the HI-FOG® system, alarm and help information, maintenance reminders and event history ensuring optimized maintenance activities.

HI-FOG® Sprinkler Pump Unit (SPU)

The HI-FOG® SPU is an electric pump unit suitable for many different applications. HI-FOG® SPUs can be custom built in a range of different sizes and configurations, and each unit can be designed to connect to both main and emergency power supplies. HI-FOG® SPUs can provide continuous operation using water tanks or an external water supply for extended protection.

The pump units are self-supported and equipped with a break water tank and an electric control cabinet, with an optional water separator also available. For redundancy, an additional electric motor can be provided.

HI-FOG® Modular Sprinkler Pump Unit (MSPU)

The HI-FOG® MSPU is a modular version of the HI-FOG® SPU, which is typically used when the installation space has limited access. The HI-FOG® MSPU can be carried through tight spaces in parts and then assembled at the final location.




HI-FOG® Machinery Local Application Pump Unit (MLPU)

The HI-FOG® MLPU is an electric pump unit mainly intended for local protection applications. It consists of one electric motor, which drives a piston pump and a control cabinet.


Marioff HI-FOG Fire Protection - DPU 400HI-FOG® Diesel Driven Pump Unit (DPU)

The HI-FOG® DPU is a diesel-driven alternative to the HI-FOG® SPU. If electric power is not available, the HI-FOG® DPU is provided as an alternative. The units are compact and self-contained, and can be customised as needed as they require no electrical connections. However, they can be connected to external control and alarm systems if necessary.



HI-FOG® Gas Pump Unit (GPU)

The HI-FOG® GPU is a self-contained pump unit that does not need an external power source for operation, and is mainly used in low hazard areas and machinery spaces. In some applications, the gas is fed into the system with the water supply, which enhances the atomising of the water droplets.

The HI-FOG® GPU consists of a gas-driven mechanical piston-type pump, which can use an external water system, a water tank or water cylinders. The unit size (number of cylinders) depends on the size of the protected space and the required protection time.